Chicky Duo App Reviews

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Cute to look at, hard to play

I love the visual design and adorable soundtrack of this game, but it's just too hard to play, especially for small children. In order to interact with things you can't just tap them, you have to tap the minuscule exclamation points next to them - something impossible for young fingers. It led provide other examples (I couldn't figure out what the first mini game was about because the instructions were so cryptic, for instance), but my four year old summed it up best when he asked "why is chicky duo so hard to play?" Like, he actually said that. My family loved playing The Room together, so I guess we'll do that again. Hoping a patch will make this game playable since there's so much to like about it!

Creative enjoyable adventure game

I originally saw this and bought it for my 8 year old granddaughter lol. Guess who played it? Grandma played it and really enjoyed it. I'd buy another by the creator it was good. I've been playing adventure games for 20 years so I'm no amateur.

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